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Hum Hi!

Recently, I've been trying to help Nurse Stillbourne with the website.
At first, I started updating the blueprints of the Asylum (so we can find each others)! ^^
And then, I asked Nurse Stillbourne what else I could do to help.
And she proposed me to take care of the Imaginary Friends Nursery!

And here we are, after about 2 or 3 weeks of work, the wall is fixed(sorry for all the ruckus, I'll pay for the sleeping pills) and I'm ready to receive your Imaginary Friends in my new office!!
Which is actually the Imaginary Friends Nursery!

If you have your own image of your imaginary friend, it's all good! Just send it to me with its story!
At this adress: kajika_girl@hotmail.com

If not, you can browse the website to find dollmakers just like these:

Or, something else you could do is make a voodoo doll that looks like your imaginary friend !!
On the same website as for your doll : http://www.tektek.org/dream/

I won't hurt them if you bring them to me, promise ;)

You'll find the Imaginary Friends Nursery in room 7b of Ward A2!
Here : http://www.ljasylum.com/nursery.htm

And e-mail me if you have any questions! ^^
Don't forget to bring a story with the picture of your friend!
See you soon! ^^


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