Apr. 3rd, 2013

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So  today I ended up at the evil nation at prime dinner shopping time, apparently. Two of my friends volunteered to come with me which just makes matters worse because they are both of the sort who will sit and deliberate every decision for five minutes a piece, only to leave half the stuff they thought they wanted at the register and then later bitch about how much time we end up spending there.

Right, because being in a place with far too many people who insist on cutting corners around me far too close and end up bumping, grazing, or other wise touching me isn't enough. Now I have to sniff a thousand brands of deodarant in search of something that smells more "summery".

Not to mention that one of the two girls annoys the piss out of me anyhow because her voice is shrill and she wants to walk right next to you.

I hate it.
I hate being touched. I hate being in a place with that many voices going at once.
I hate deliberating about stupid shit.
I hate that it bothers me at all.

From now on, I shop at two in the morning. Let's see who joins me then.


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